How to Save Battery by Using Static/Black Background on Your Android Smartphone!

Animated wallpapers (if your background moves) are great and they make your Android smartphone look smart but in reality, it’s big part of why your battery life doesn’t last longer.

If you really want to save battery life, you should either use a dark static image as your wallpaper or go even another yard and install a completely black background wallpaper.

To change your wallpaper (and start saving more battery life), go to Settings->Wallpapers.

Then choose the “darkest” wallpaper you can find as more black pixels on your LCD means less battery power consumed.

Also, if you want a complete dark wallpaper, open up your camera and take a photo while covering up your camera lens completely.  Then set it as your wallpaper.

You can see the completely black wallpaper, probably saves the most battery.


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2 Responses to How to Save Battery by Using Static/Black Background on Your Android Smartphone!

  1. ROGER SKELTON says:

    ok-please let us know how we can use swipe to enter text. I’ve tried this at ATT stores and keep screwing up. I’m a blackberry user who wants to switch but this swipe process has me nervous. I use e-mail a lot, why should I switch from a standard blackberry device to one that uses swipe?

  2. moorthy says:


    great. eagerly waiting more topics in android useful information


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