How to Setup Screen Lock/Password on Your Android Smartphone!

For those of you who are new to Android smartphones, you might want to learn to setup a screen lock or password.


Without that, if someone gains to access your phone, they can access your e-mail, phone numbers, and other personal information you might not want to reveal.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to setup a “screen lock”, password, or even a fingerprint (if your phone supports it).

So, in today’s blog post, let me outline the different ways you can set a screen lock or password on your Android smartphone.

First, go hit the Menu button then hit Settings and hit Location & Security.

Next, hit Set up Screen lock.

Most Android smartphone have 4 settings: None, Pattern, PIN, and Password.

Here’s what they all mean:

None: If you already have a screen lock or password, you can disable them by choosing None.

Pattern: You can make your own pattern such as a “Z” I made to unlock your Android smartphone. ┬áThis is probably the easiest way to keep your phone secure.

PIN: You can enter a 4-digit PIN number sorta like you do at bank ATMs.

Password: This is the most encrypted method since you can use combination of numbers and letters but it’s not practical since you will have to enter this everytime you use your phone.

Now, if you have a phone that supports Fingerprints like the Atrix 4G shown above, you will get an additional option to set your Fingerprint to unlock your phone.

You can set both your left and right index fingerprints so you can easily unlock it with any hand.

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