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How to Customize Your Android Lockscreen using WidgetLocker App!


One of the apps I used to save a ton of time and actually make use of my Android lockscreen is called WidgetLocker Lockscreen, a paid app you can get from the Market for around $2.99.

This app is definitely worth every penny as it allows you to put all your favorite apps within a swipe-reach from your lockscreen.

You can find the WidgetLocker Lockscreen app on the Market, install and open it.

When you open the WidgetLocker app, you will be in “Tool Mode” where you can customize the lockscreen to your liking.

If you do a

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Top 5 FREE Android Apps!


Here’s a list of Top 5 FREE Android apps for this week, I think these are great free apps that can help your life.


First up, we have AndroZip app, which allows you to unzip and zip files and also acts as a file browser for your Android file system.  I like it because I can unzip files and browse my files whereas other file browser apps do not have unzipping capabilities.  I am sure some times you get e-mail attachments that are in zip file format, well you can use AndroZip to unzip it on your Android device.

Second, we have the Tin

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How to Make a DIY Home Security System with Android Smartphones and Tablets!


For those of you wondering if you can setup a DIY home security video surveillance system with Android smartphones and tablets, let me tell you that you can easily do it using free apps like IP Webcam and TinyCam Monitor.

First, you can install IP webcam on every Android device that you want to act as security cameras.

Next, install TinyCam Monitor app and set the IP address to the Android devices you want to monitor.

And that’s pretty much it, now you can monitor your garage, front door, and backyard in real-time from your Android smartphone or ta

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How to Make your Android smartphone say Caller ID Outloud!


Here’s a really useful app for those of you who tend to leave your Android smartphone away from you and barely catch your calls by running hurriedly to phone, Caller ID app that tells you the name of the caller along with your ringtone. This can be very useful, especially if you don’t want to pick up calls from someone you don’t want to talk to (such as telemarketers), and let you stop running to your phone.

Of course, this can backfire if your mistress calls you and your wife is right there.

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How to Make Fake Call to Yourself with Call Faker App on Android!


Want to get out of situations without being rude to your companions?  Well, here’s a method you can use in emergency situations like being at a blind date and you just don’t want to be there longer, call yourself with a fake call using a Call Faker app!

Hey, you never know, you might this in your bag of tricks some day.

There’s a ton of call faker apps on the Market and you can even change the Caller ID so it looks like someone actually is calling you and delay time when you want the fake call to come in.

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