Welcome to AndroidDummies.com!

This site was made by Max Lee, a tech blogger at Zedomax.com.

Here’s the story behind this site.

Max let his mom borrow one of his Android phones for a day because Max’s mom lives in Korea and didn’t have a U.S. cellphone so she can receive from her sister later that afternoon who is supposed to call.

But Max’s mom couldn’t figure out how to pick up the phone call.

Later that evening, Max met up with his mom again and Max’s mom was furious why Max gave her a broken phone.

It turns out Max’s mom didn’t know how to “swipe” to unlock the phone.

By the way, Max’s mom is very computer-literate and knows a lot about technology but because she’s never used a smartphone before, this sorta thing can happen.

And that’s why Max made it his mission to create this blog called AndroidDummies.com, to help those beginners who just started using an Android smartphone.

It can surely be daunting and Max has heard many people complain that Android smartphones are hard to use when it’s the user who does not know the basics nor bother to read the manual.

But that’s okay, that’s why AndroidDummies.com has been born, to help every new Android smartphone user get jump-started!

Dear Mom,

Here’s how to swipe an Android smartphone, please don’t get mad at me next time!

Love, your son.

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