How to Move Icons/Apps and Customize Your Screens on Android!

For the first-time users of Android smartphone or a multi-touch screen phone, it can be daunting just figuring out how to move icons/apps.

Well, it’s actually pretty simple and if you know how to move icons/apps, you can customize your Android smartphone to do things much quicker.

First, most Android phones come with 5 different main screens, which you can customize.  To see all the 5 different main screens, simply swipe to the left or right from home and you will see that the dot at the top moves.


These are each customizable screens.  For example, for one screen, you can put all your game apps.  In other you can put all your business apps.

Every Android smartphone comes with a default app screen you can access by hitting the center button, this shows ALL the apps installed on your Android phone.

To move an app, you just need to do a long-press by holding down on it.  It should give you a slight vibration feedback, which then means you can move the app to whereever you want.

To delete an app, you do a long-press then move it to the trash can.  Trash can maybe on top or bottom your phone depending on what kind of Android phone you have but it will be there, trust me.  This actually doesn’t DELETE the app from your App screen (when you press the center button) but deletes it from your custom screen ONLY.

So, I suggest you go play with your phone, organize your icons/apps the way you want.

That was pretty simple wasn’t it?

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