How to Save Battery by Using Power Control Widget on Your Android Smartphone!

To save battery life on your Android smartphone, one of the first things you need to do is install the “Power Control Widget“, which allows you to turn On/Off various different aspects of your Android smartphone in real-time, instantly, allowing you to save battery by turning off features that are not needed.

To install this Power Control Widget, make sure you have enough room for at least 4 icons/apps on your home screen.

Then do a long press (anywhere but your icons/apps) and you will see a screen like below pop-up:

Next, choose “Android widgets” (or just widgets on some phones) and scroll down until you see “Power Control“.  Select it and you can place the widget on your home screen.

Next you will get the 5 icons (usually), the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Data Sync, and LCD Dim control.

The WiFi button lets you instantly turn On/Off your WiFi.  If you don’t need to use WiFi, you should turn it off as it’s going to waste your battery.

The Bluetooth button lets you instantly turn On/Off your Bluetooth.  If you don’t need bluetooth, turn it off.

The GPS button lets you turn On/Off the GPS on your Android phone.  I personally only turn it on when I use my Google Navigation in my car, I don’t need it on otherwise.  GPS drains a lot of battery so I suggest to use it only when completely necessary.

The Data sync lets you turn On/Off the data sync such as your GMail, Facebook, and Twitter.  I usually leave it off unless I am at home and I want my GMail synced.

The LCD Dim control is a big one, LCD is one of the biggest battery drainers (if not the biggest) for any Android smartphone.  If you are in complete darkness, you can manually set it to the lowest setting or if you are running on lead (your battery is almost gone), you can put this to the lowest setting.  On some Android phones, you will get an “A” icon, which means automatic dim control.  This works well but if you really need to save battery life, you can just set your LCD to the lowest setting.

This wraps up probably the main way to elongate your battery life and use your Android smartphone efficiently.

Next time, I will show you even more ways to save battery.

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