How to Unlock/Swipe Your Android Smartphone!

One of the first things you will need to learn as a new Android smartphone owner is that of unlocking by swiping.

With most Android smartphones, you can swipe down, up, and sideways to unlock your phone. ┬áThis is the main reason my mom though my phone was broken (and couldn’t receive calls) and I dedicate this HOWTO to my mom.

So, here’s a short video tutorial I made for those of you new to Android smartphone, here’s how to swipe your phone and unlock it.

You will need to do this whenever you need to access your phone and pick up phone calls.

Why swipe?

Simply because with the touch interface, you don’t want to accidentally turn on your phone, that is why the swipe unlocking mechanism is in place for the newer Android smartphones.

Here’s some examples of unlocking your Android smartphone by swiping:


The G2 Phone swipes left-to-right.

The Nexus S also swipes left-to-right.

The Samsung Epic 4G swipes bottom-to-top.

The Atrix 4G has a fingerprint sensor you will need to swipe your index finger from top-to-bottom.

These are some of the examples on how to swipe your Android smartphone, we hope you can now unlock your phone with ease.

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