Top 5 FREE Android Apps!

Here’s a list of Top 5 FREE Android apps for this week, I think these are great free apps that can help your life.


First up, we have AndroZip app, which allows you to unzip and zip files and also acts as a file browser for your Android file system.  I like it because I can unzip files and browse my files whereas other file browser apps do not have unzipping capabilities.  I am sure some times you get e-mail attachments that are in zip file format, well you can use AndroZip to unzip it on your Android device.

Second, we have the Tiny Flashlight app, this allows you to freely control the LED on your Android device and also can turn your screen into a lighting device.

Third, we’ve got the Bubble Level app, which is highly accurate and will save you a bunch of money and space over buying physical ones.  This app comes in real handy when you are working around the house, building furniture, re-modeling, and more.

Do you ever wonder at what elevation you are currently standing?  If so, then get the Altimeter Free app which gives you your exact elevation based on your GPS location and also from ASTER database.  It’s pretty accurate and I use it often on the golf course to estimate elevation for my downhill/uphill shots.

Lastly but not least, get the Compass app so you always know which way is east and west.  This app definitely has a ton of uses such as camping and whatnot or you just simply want to know which way you are headed.

Do you use any other FREE Android apps you think are absolutely necessary?  Leave them in the comments box below so we can feature them on our next video.

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