How to Put your Android Phone in Vibration/Silent Mode!

The simplest way to put your Android Phone to Vibration/Silent mode is to hit the Volume Down button (while the phone is on) all the way until you get Vibrate or Silent icon like shown below:

If you don’t want Vibration but Silent mode, then goto Settings->Sound->Vibrate then select “Never”.

After you do that, you will get the Silent mode as shown below instead of Vibration mode.

Also, you can put your phone to Vibration/Silent mode when your screen lock shows on the screen, simply swipe the Sound icon to the left.

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How to Move Icons/Apps and Customize Your Screens on Android!

For the first-time users of Android smartphone or a multi-touch screen phone, it can be daunting just figuring out how to move icons/apps.

Well, it’s actually pretty simple and if you know how to move icons/apps, you can customize your Android smartphone to do things much quicker.

First, most Android phones come with 5 different main screens, which you can customize.  To see all the 5 different main screens, simply swipe to the left or right from home and you will see that the dot at the top moves.


These are each customizable screens.  For

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How to Setup Screen Lock/Password on Your Android Smartphone!

For those of you who are new to Android smartphones, you might want to learn to setup a screen lock or password.


Without that, if someone gains to access your phone, they can access your e-mail, phone numbers, and other personal information you might not want to reveal.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to setup a “screen lock”, password, or even a fingerprint (if your phone supports it).

So, in today’s blog post, let me outline the different ways you can set a screen lock or password on your Android smartphone.

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How to Unlock/Swipe Your Android Smartphone!

One of the first things you will need to learn as a new Android smartphone owner is that of unlocking by swiping.

With most Android smartphones, you can swipe down, up, and sideways to unlock your phone.  This is the main reason my mom though my phone was broken (and couldn’t receive calls) and I dedicate this HOWTO to my mom.

So, here’s a short video tutorial I made for those of you new to Android smartphone, here’s how to swipe your phone and unlock it.

You will need to do this whenever you need to access your phone and pick up phone calls.

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